Plague Women and The Handmaid’s Tale

"We go everywhere in twos. It’s supposed to be for our protection. For companionship. It’s bullshit, there are no friends here. Can’t be. The truth is we’re watching each other. She’s my spy and I am hers." Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. The above words were spoken by Offred, the central... Continue Reading →

Poisonous Little Beasts

Last week, we had the announcement that the bacteria Yersinia pestis (i.e. modern plague) had been found in several seventeenth-century skeletons discovered during the Crossrail excavation at Liverpool Street. I have written before about the many people caught up in the devastating  outbreak of plague in London and Lara Thorpe has already summarized the recent... Continue Reading →

1666: Plague, War and Hellfire

I'm absolutely delighted to be able to share the cover art for my new book 1666: Plague, War and Hellfire. The book follows the lives of many characters who lived through the extraordinary events leading up to and during the terrifying and triumphant year 1666.

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