Gadgets and gizmos aplenty

Twitter is a crazy place.

A few weeks ago, I was doing my daily trawl through Pepys’s diary when I happened upon a passage that really made me chortle. So much so that I phoned my mother to share my joy. She has fast become the only person with the patience to humour my anecdotes. Or so I thought. I decided to post the passage on Twitter too and, my goodness, it struck a chord! Hundreds of retweets – I couldn’t keep up.

You see, this morsel of Pepys’s everyday life touches on an issue that resonates hugely today. It used to be that gadget obsession was left to dads getting to grips with a new DVD player and/or remote control. Now, it’s all of us. I am mad for my iPhone. Constantly checking it. It’s always nearby. As a freelancer in the media, I kid myself into thinking that it’s a crucial tool of my trade, but realistically it has become something of a nervous tick. I know I am not alone.  We’re all gadget geeks now.

Maybe it was reassuring for Twitterers to read that the tech-anxiety was alive and kicking 350 years ago. Here’s what Pepys wrote about his new watch on the 13th May 1665:


Ps. Yes, the heading of this post is a line from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.