Plague Women and The Handmaid’s Tale

rs_1024x759-170424070509-1024.the-handmaids-tale.ch_.042417-1024x759“We go everywhere in twos. It’s supposed to be for our protection. For companionship. It’s bullshit, there are no friends here. Can’t be. The truth is we’re watching each other. She’s my spy and I am hers.”

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. The above words were spoken by Offred, the central character in Channel 4’s gripping adaption of The Handmaid’s Tale. Like the book, the TV series tells the story of a woman caught up in a dystopian nightmare: with only a small number of fertile women remaining, those who can bear children – Handmaids – are kept as breeding machines within patriarchal households. One of the key tenets of the theocratic society Offred inhabits is that these women should operate in pairs; as the quotation intimates, to keep a check on one another.  READ MORE