Mental Health

I have a lot of second-hand experience of mental health issues, but this past 18 months has seen my own mental health compromised for the first time. I have been unable to sleep, unable to eat, unable to properly engage in normal conversations, unable to complete written work, unable to be around people. I’ve been in a constant state of panic and a cycle of nausea, existential dread and deep fatigue. It is horrible.

The problem, I think, has been compounded by the unrelatable nature of the trigger. It is hard to explain why “X” has crippled me as a person. But talking does help and I’ve finally realised that the people who really care about you, do want to listen.

Time is supposed to be the healer. Yet even when I have good days, I still get flashbacks and waves of worry. I have no advice, except that talking helps. Going out (if you can) helps. Trees and sunlight help. The cinema (if you can afford it) is a comforting place. Box sets are your friends. Alcohol is probably not.

If you recognise any of the above, please talk to someone you trust. You are important, and this will pass. Take care of yourselves.